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Moment of prayer at the altar
Worship team leading worship
Pastor Logan Hill speaking
Awakening Church


Wednesdays  |  6:30 PM

8625 US-51, Southaven, MS 38671



  • A fresh take on church where every generation matters

  • Engaging, meaningful worship 

  • Empowering and self-challenging messages rooted in the Bible

  • Real encounters with God's Presence


  • What do I wear to a church service?
    You'll see a variety of styles at our church, from laid-back to professional. We truly believe that it's not about your appearance or outfit, but all about Jesus and His love for us. No matter how you dress, you are welcome here. Our focus is on building a community of faith and sharing the message of Jesus, not on what you wear. 😁
  • What is your church's denomination?
    Our church isn't tied to a specific denomination, which means we can be more flexible in how we come together. Instead of following the traditions of one particular denomination, we focus on the core beliefs and values of the Bible. This gives us the freedom to emphasize what's most important without the constraints of any specific denomination. We're all about staying true to the teachings of the Bible.
  • What about my kids?
    Your children are sure to have a blast at Awakening Church! While you enjoy the service, your little ones (ages 2-11) will be engaged in age-appropriate lessons and activities tailored just for them. Have teenagers? Our youth group meets on 1st & 3rd Sunday mornings at 10 AM. They'll get to participate in the main worship service before heading to the youth room for their own special lessons and activities. It's a great way for them to connect with others their age and grow in their faith! We can't wait to see your whole family at church.
  • What kind of outreach is the church involved in?
    Our church is very active in evangelism outreach. Every Saturday at 11 AM, we come together to pray and then head out for evangelism at different stores and locations. We also strongly urge all believers to actively participate in sharing their faith throughout the week.
  • I have more questions. Who can I talk to?
    You can call (662) 782-4522 to talk with a pastor who’d love to answer your questions or help you figure out your next step at church and in your relationship with Christ.
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